‘I was shoc­ked to see Graaff-rei­net this De­cem­ber’

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Bil­ly Lloyd from Er­me­lo wri­tes:

I work and stay in M­pu­ma­lan­ga in a town cal­led Er­me­lo.

I co­me to my farm I call ho­me a­bout 200km from your lo­ve­ly town Graaff-rei­net fi­ve ti­mes a y­e­ar.

On the­se oc­ca­si­ons, I stop for my fa­vou­ri­te cof­fee and the Graaff-rei­net Ad­ver­ti­ser on the way the­re and back.

You guys are wel­co­ming friend­ly and o­pen warm he­ar­ted pe­op­le. W­hen I speak to Trans­va­lers I re­fer to you as my pe­op­le. And alt­hough I am still 200km a­way from ho­me if I re­ach your town it feels as if I ha­ve ar­ri­ved.

I ca­me through town on 20 De­cem­ber and the fol­lo­wing mor­ning, whi­le I was sit­ting look­ing o­ver the sea in Port E­li­za­beth, I could not get the ur­ge to wri­te this let­ter out of me be­cau­se I was shoc­ked to see the town.

I was greeted by mas­ses of pa­per blo­wing in the streets of on­ce the most beau­ti­ful town in our coun­try.

At the fil­ling sta­ti­on, no­ne of the wa­shing ba­sins we­re in wor­king or­der and on­ly two u­ri­nals could be u­sed. As u­su­al, the cof­fee was good and the pe­op­le friend­ly. So I boug­ht the Ad­ver­ti­ser - I must say that I men­ti­o­ned to the cashier that I am on­ly buying it to pre­vent it from blo­wing a­round in the wind. With ti­red fa­ces, the staff men­ti­o­ned to me that the pe­op­le mo­ving through town in their thou­sands is ha­ving an im­pact on them and the w­ho­le town. In the pa­per of 20 De­cem­ber, I re­ad that the­re are nu­me­rous chal­len­ges wi­thin the town. I al­so re­ad that the­re are pe­op­le stan­ding up to the­se chal­len­ges.

Lit­te­ring has a de­t­ri­men­tal ef­fect on all pe­op­le as it shapes the very en­vi­ron­ment that shapes us and our sta­te of mind.

I want to bless all the pe­op­le of Graaff­rei­net - you we­re gi­ven the po­wer and the strength to ru­le o­ver this dry, but most beau­ti­ful, pla­ce.

Stay po­si­ti­ve and do w­hat you can. Re­mem­ber the so­lu­ti­on to the­se chal­len­ges does not lie in our com­ments on so­ci­al me­dia or in the hands of go­vern­ment but in your own en­de­a­vours to bring this town to its for­mer glo­ry for the sa­ke of our child­ren.

Your acti­ons will set the ex­am­ple for them to tre­a­su­re this spe­ci­al part of cre­a­ti­on. Bless you!

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