UNION’S CLASS OF 2018 ce­le­bra­tes their re­sults

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Af­ter a y­e­ar of hard work and co­ping with the stress of ex­ams, Union High S­chool’s Class of 2018 we­re ex­ci­ted to re­cei­ve their ma­tric re­sults fol­lo­wing their re­le­a­se in the e­ar­ly hours of F­ri­day, 4 Ja­nu­a­ry.

The class a­chie­ved a 97% pass ra­te, with 42 (67%) of the of 63 can­di­da­tes a­chie­ving Ba­chel­or pas­ses, 16 a­chie­ving Di­plo­ma pas­ses and 3 Cer­ti­fi­ca­te pas­ses.

Whi­le three le­ar­ners a­chie­ved A-ag­gre­ga­te pas­ses, the class al­so ma­na­ged to a­chie­ve a w­hop­ping 54 sub­ject dis­tincti­ons col­lecti­ve­ly.

The s­chool’s top per­for­mer was A­man­da B­rink, with 6 dis­tincti­ons and an a­vera­ge of 87.71%.

Kel­ly Ro­se-in­nes ca­me in a c­lo­se se­cond, with fi­ve sub­ject dis­tincti­ons, Re­bec­ca Lang­me­ad thi­rd with four sub­ject dis­tincti­ons and U­thim­na So­mi fourth with three sub­ject dis­tincti­ons.

In a sta­te­ment pos­ted on so­ci­al me­dia by UHS, the s­chool con­g­ra­tu­la­ted their top a­chie­vers and than­ked them for their com­mit­ment to ma­king Union High S­chool proud.

The s­chool al­so con­g­ra­tu­la­ted the fol­lo­wing le­ar­ners for obtai­ning sub­ject dis­tincti­ons:

Tra­cy-lee A­bels (two dis­tincti­ons), P­ha­wo­luhle A­bra­ham (two dis­tincti­ons), Cait­lin Ar­nott (one dis­tincti­on), Kay­la Bo­den­stein (one dis­tincti­on), Oa­ro­na Di­bi (one dis­tincti­on), Li­li­tha Hans (one dis­tincti­on), Ba­vuyi­se Her­mans (three dis­tincti­ons), Zi­ta Ja­cobs (two dis­tincti­ons), Mi­cha­el K­ri­ge (two dis­tincti­ons), Ben Kroon (one dis­tincti­on), B­rit­ney Lu­dick (one dis­tincti­on), Faith Ma­cdo­nald (two dis­tincti­ons), Lo­ren Mac­ke­li­na (one dis­tincti­on), Li­nom­tha Mu­d­za­na (one dis­tincti­on), Si­net­hem­ba N­du­du­la (one dis­tincti­on), Ol­wet­hu Ng­cai (one dis­tincti­on), Leigh-ann Or­mond (one dis­tincti­on), Ro­nan Pot­gie­ter (two dis­tincti­ons), So­ni­que Simp­son (two dis­tincti­ons), Yon­wa­ba S­mith (one dis­tincti­on) and Lik­ho Z­wa­ka­la (one dis­tincti­on).

“Our sin­ce­rest thanks go to a very de­di­ca­ted te­am of e­du­ca­tors, who as­sis­ted the­se le­ar­ners to re­ach their full po­ten­ti­al, as well as to all sta­ke­hol­ders in this com­mu­ni­ty for their tre­men­dous sup­port of our ef­forts to main­tain ex­cel­len­ce in e­du­ca­ti­on and a­ca­de­mi­cs in par­ti­cu­lar. Our fi­nal prai­se g­oes to our God Al­mig­hty, who ma­kes the im­pos­si­ble pos­si­ble,” a spo­kes­per­son for Union said.

Si­ma Des­e­ma­le, Lo­ren Mac­ke­li­na, O­thim­na So­mi and Lik­ho Z­wa­ka­la we­re all de­lig­h­ted with their re­sults. O­thim­na a­chie­ved three dis­tincti­ons.

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