Mur­der-sol­ving tan­nie is back

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Get co­sy and grab so­mething de­li­ci­ous to eat, be­cau­se the Ka­roo's fa­vou­ri­te foodie and mur­der-sol­ving a­go­ny aunt, Tan­nie Ma­ria, is back in aut­hor Sal­ly Andrews' la­test no­vel, De­ath on the Lim­po­po.

I­ma­gi­ne A­ga­tha Chris­tie's 'w­ho­du­nit' meets Ni­gel­la Law­sons's cu­li­na­ry skills, in­ter­t­wi­ned with the­mes of o­pen-he­ar­ted­ness. No won­der aut­hor De­on Mey­ers cal­led De­ath on the Lim­po­po "mouth-wa­te­ring."

Andrews, who li­ves in a mud-brick hou­se on a na­tu­re re­ser­ve out­si­de La­di­smith, vi­si­ted Graaff-Rei­net on Mon­day for a de­li­ci­ous bre­ak­fast book dis­cus­si­on at Pol­ka Re­stau­rant.

Andrews wo­re a skirt a­dor­ned with her book co­vers from a­round the wor­ld. Her pre­vi­ous Tan­nie Ma­ria no­vels, Re­ci­pes for

Lo­ve and Mur­der and Tan­nie Ma­ria and the Sa­ta­nic Me­cha­nic, ha­ve been trans­la­ted in­to four­teen lan­gua­ges a­cross fi­ve con­ti­nents. T­he­se lan­gua­ges in­clu­de I­ta­li­an, Dutch, S­pa­nish, He­brew, Ger­man and F­rench; bon ap­pé­tit!

Lo­cal book­worms will be de­lig­h­ted to he­ar Andrews' la­test pa­ge-tur­ner al­so fe­a­tu­res the Gem of the Ka­roo. "Ex­ci­ting sce­nes ta­ke pla­ce at the lo­cal hos­pi­tal and in the Cam­de­boo Na­ti­o­nal Park," Andrews told the Ad­ver­ti­ser.

Ha­ven't met Tan­nie Ma­ria yet? She's a 50-so­mething plump A­fri­kaans aun­tie, who works at the K­lein Ka­roo Ga­zet­te, to­get­her with a feis­ty in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ve jour­na­list and a Mar­ry Pop­pins-li­ke e­di­tor. W­hen Tan­nie Ma­ria isn't gi­ving ad­vi­ce as an a­go­ny aunt co­lum­nist or dis­hing out de­li­ci­ous re­ci­pes for pe­op­le with trou­bles, she's an a­ma­teur de­tecti­ve ho­ping to sol­ve mur­ders.

In Tan­nie Ma­ria's la­test ad­ven­tu­re, re­no­w­ned po­li­ti­cal jour­na­list Za­ban­gu­ni Ka­ni, kno­wn for her ex­posés, ta­kes Ma­ria (with a tin of but­ter­milk rus­ks in hand) on a jour­ney a­cross the Ka­roo to the Lim­po­po Ri­ver. The ex­pe­di­ti­on plun­ges Ma­ria in­to pools of dan­gers, amid mur­ders and Har­ley Da­vid­s­ons. The no­vel al­so enga­ges with is­su­es of cor­rup­ti­on in South A­fri­ca and Ma­ria's re­la­ti­ons­hip with her fat­her. Don't f­or­get a­bout the dashing de­tecti­ve Henk Kan­ne­mey­er with the ches­t­nut mou­sta­che will Ma­ria e­ver con­fess her lo­ve to him?

Lo­cals are su­re to en­joy De­ath on the Lim­po­po co­ver-to-co­ver. Ho­pe­ful­ly, we'll al­so see Tan­nie Ma­ria on the small screen soon, as the TV and film rig­hts for her ad­ven­tu­res ha­ve been pur­cha­sed. This pro­ject is still in the works.

Sal­ly Andrews’s pre­ci­ous Tan­nie Ma­ria no­vels ha­ve been trans­la­ted in­to four­teen lan­gua­ges a­cross fi­ve con­ti­nents. He­re she shows the dif­fe­rent book co­vers on her skirt. INSET: You can ha­ve bre­ak­fast and eat your ca­ke too. T­he­se de­li­ci­ous cre­a­ti­ons all fe­a­tu­re in Sal­ly Andrews’ la­test no­vel.

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