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Water case study meeting in Aberdeen


ABERDEEN - "Water remains a precious and scarce resource in our area." These were the words of local councillor Nathan Jacobs who opened a community meeting on Wednesday 7 September in the Thembalesi­zwe Community

Hall in Aberdeen. The meeting was an informatio­n session about a case study on saving water in a household.

Jacobs explained that 500 households in Thembalesi­zwe were identified for the case study. The case study will focus on circumvent­ing water loss with possible leaking flush toilets. Instead of the convention­al cisterns in which water is held until being flushed, the new cisterns to be installed will remain empty until triggered to flush a toilet.

The case study will be conducted by a private company, MJM Consulting Engineers, with the approval of the Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipali­ty. Jacobs explained that the company identified and motivated the specific households in Thembalesi­zwe out of the whole DBNLM as best suited for the study. If the case study proves significan­t water saving, installati­on of such cisterns might be considered by DBNLM, but at present, it remains a case study.

 ?? Photo supplied ?? Community members voicing their concerns.
Photo supplied Community members voicing their concerns.

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