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Beauty and benefits of blue in your home


Blue is the world’s favourite colour and it is not surprising. The first thing that comes to mind when you mention blue is the colour of the sky and sea. Just staring at a clear blue sky gives one a sense of tranquilli­ty and peace. It is a versatile colour and a firm interior designer favourite.

Here's how to incorporat­e blue into your home's decor.

Blue bedrooms and bathrooms

As blue has strong links to water, it is the ideal colour for bathrooms where you can create a cool spa-like atmosphere. The cool and calming qualities of blue also make it the perfect colour for bedrooms. It provides a relaxing space where one can retreat to after a stress-filled day.

Lighter blues like sky blue reflect light, creating a feeling of space and making a room seem larger than it is. Sky blue is a good colour to use on walls and/or ceilings of small rooms or rooms without windows to prevent a boxed-in feel.

Another favourite blue for bedrooms is duck egg blue. Having a warm undertone, duck egg blue is often preferable to some light blues that can have an icy feel to them. Duck egg blue together with neutrals makes a wonderful combinatio­n for a relaxing bedroom.

To combat the coolness of blue, introduce some accessorie­s in blue's complement­ary colour - orange. This will balance and enhance the scheme. While orange is the complement­ary colour to blue on the colour wheel, red and yellow also look great with blue and can be introduced to add warmth.

Natural colours and textures like wool, wood and sisal will not only add warmth but also interest to a blue scheme.

Darker blues create an elegant look in a space. Deeper blues are a great choice in the bedroom if you suffer with headaches, insomnia or asthma, as the energy from blue is known to help with this. When it comes to children's rooms, parents often consider blue for a boy's room, but the qualities of blue make it ideal for a boy or girl. If your little girl loves blue, don't deprive her of it.

Blue living rooms, studies and offices

If you are looking for a cool and relaxed living room, consider introducin­g blue. Popular blue schemes include a beach theme and a French provincial look. For a brighter blue, look no further than Morocco for inspiratio­n.

Remember, some blues are warmer than others. For a warmer blue, select one that has a warm/yellow undertone.

Blue, especially deeper blues, work well in a home office or study because blue is said to enhance learning, open the mind and promote clear thinking. Warm up the scheme with warm accessorie­s and lighting.

A feature wall painted deep blue can give a living or dining room an elegant atmosphere, but you don't need to paint your walls blue to bring in the relaxing and calming qualities of blue. It is possible to introduce the wonderful qualities of blue into your fabrics, furnishing­s and accessorie­s. If blue is your favourite colour, consider painting your front door with it.

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