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Body found in Vukani


A woman’s body was found in Vukani location on Tuesday 13 October.

Grahamstow­n police spokespers­on Captain Mali Govender said the body was found in the Vukani old cemetery.

“I can confirm that a woman’s body was found in the cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. It was discovered by people who were passing by that cemetery.

“But for now we don’t know what happened to the woman and we will depend on the post-mortem results for more informatio­n,”said Govender.

She said police estimate the woman to be under 25.

Govender said police had opened an inquest docket.

A source in Vukani who wanted to remain anonymous, and who had seen the body, described the scene.

“The body was in half and the up- per body was skeletal. It was only the legs that were left. The head was found metres away from her body.

“The legs were not decomposed and that was the only thing you could tell how long the body has been there.

“Her clothes were hanged in nearby bushes. It was a very bad image that I saw, it was for the first time that I saw a human body like that.

“There were also dogs roaming around the body,” said the source.

The distressed man said the Grahamstow­n community needs to fight these crimes.

“It’s no longer the Grahamstow­n I used to know. Things have changed and people are dying and we need to work together and fight this,” he said. Govender remained firm that only the post-mortem would tell what had killed the woman.

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