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Kenton rates group takes muni to court


The Kenton-On-Sea Ratepayers Associatio­n case against Ndlambe municipali­ty yesterday (Thursday 15 October) was postponed for today (Friday 16 October) by the Grahamstow­n High Court.

The associatio­n’s chairman, Simon Oliver, said they opened a case against the municipali­ty for lack of service delivery.

Speaking to Grocott’s Mail outside the courtroom yesterday, he said the municipali­ty was not addressing their concerns of sewage that is spilling into the Bushman’s River.

Second, the municipali­ty had failed to manage their refuse site and to recycle some recyclable material.

“This case has been going on for several years and the municipali­ty has failed to respond to our concern and that is why we took it to court,” said Oliver.

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