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Climate change and oceans


The Grahamstow­n branch of Wessa is to host an illustrate­d lecture by Professor Michael Orren, Global Climate Change and the Ocean: Anticipate­d effects on South Africa, as part of its 2015 Experience: Shores and Oceans.

“About 90% incoming solar heat, including that added from man-made sources such as from greenhouse gases heating, is stored in the ocean and may remain there for years or decades,” say the organisers.

“Clearly, those pointing to changes or otherwise purely in air temperatur­es are missing 90% of the true story. From measuremen­ts, the Agulhas current is both speeding up and warming; conversely, the intense upwelling along our West Coast is increasing, giving rise to yet colder water along the coastal strip.

Our measured weather patterns, such as changes in wind direction and speed, and rainfall events all largely driven by offshore processes, have changed already and this will continue. “Those self-styled sceptics who opine that climates are not changing offer absolutely no scientific­ally acceptable enough evidence for these statements.”

As a scientist, Dr Orren wants to inform the public of the facts insofar as science has shown these to be so. Emeritus Professor Michael John (“Mike”) Orren, BSc (Hons) MSc PhD CChem FRSC was Professor and Head of the Department of Oceanograp­hy, National University of Ireland, Galway, from 1987 to 2000 when he retired.

He has research interests in global climate change and its effects on the world's oceans.

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