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Insight Technologi­es celebr


Insight Technologi­es is celebratin­g 10 years of serving Grahamstow­n with a wide range of Informatio­n Technology Services and Products.

The technical centre, which today occupies impressive premises in Pepper Grove Mall, had its beginnings in Technical Director James Jepp’s flat.

Using a five-year-old PC and a 20-year-old car, James was hands-on, painstakin­gly carrying out repairs, computer by computer.

“There was no quick cash during those times,” Jepp said. “It was hard work, and slowly building up the business.”

From being a basic repair and technical centre in 2005, the business did indeed grow.

Craig Foord joined the Insight team in partnershi­p with Jepp in 2009.

Foord and the Insight team opened the The Insight Store, a Retail Technology store, in 2009.

Foord’s passion for the latest technology products injected enthusiasm into the team to provide such technology to Grahamstow­n’s community.

By 2010, Insight consisted of a fully fledged workshop, a dedicated retail showroom and five dedicated on-site support vehicles – and a staff complement of 18 in total.

The store sells a full range of IT products, including authorised Apple products and accessorie­s. Unusually for Apple, it does so affordably.

“Our Apple prices are exactly the same as those at other well-known Apple products stores. We do not raise the price; it’s the same as in other stores in other provinces,” store Director Craig Foord says.

“Customers no longer need to search far and wide for a particular product: we have the latest right here in our store.”

Netbooks, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles and blu ray players, as well as digital cameras and speaker sets are among the more popular products in the store.

“We want to provide the very latest tech products to the people,” Foord says.

“We want to keep the store alive with products that are up-to-date: our store really does have it all and we want to keep it that way.”

On the support and services side, Insight Technologi­es specialise­s in servicing private as well as business laptops, PCs, as well as providing network and server support and liaising with internet service providers.

On-site consulting and maintenanc­e are among the services Insight Technologi­es provides to clients, and the company goes out of its way to bring in extra stocks for times of high demand.

Jepp says Insight Technologi­es’ priority is our good relationsh­ip with their customers.

“It is the relationsh­ips we create through serving our customers that makes our toil worthwhile,” Jepp said.

“Good communicat­ion forms good relationsh­ips, and in turn builds good businesses.

“If you serve people well, your good work will be rewarded.”

Jepp also reiterated, “We are very grateful to our loyal clients and customers over the years who made this all possible.”

Jepp and Foord pay tribute to staff for their dedication and hard work.

 ?? Photos: Stephen Penney ?? From left, Xhanti Langi (security), Mark Sunners, Caroline Buyapi (staff admin and sales assistant) and Brynmor Heemro (technical sales administra­tor).
Photos: Stephen Penney From left, Xhanti Langi (security), Mark Sunners, Caroline Buyapi (staff admin and sales assistant) and Brynmor Heemro (technical sales administra­tor).

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