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Section Plants


Section 2 Roses


Anne Collins Trophy for the Best Container Plant Sally Koen. Gledhill Floating Trophy for Best Indigenous Succulents etc Camilla Bowes. Mildrid Samson Floating Trophy for most points in Container Plants Sally Koen. Second most points Alison Terry.

Vernon Marais cup for Champion Rose Vernon Marais. GC Neville Floating troph for most points in Rose Section Lalita Ranchod. Bill Handcock Floating Trophy for the most scented rose Ann Stockwell. Roy Hart Trophy for the best Multiflora type Rose Joan Ballentine. Sue White Floating Trophy for best six Roses in one variety Sally Koen. AHS floating trophy for second most points Vernon Marais.

Section 3 Cut Flowers

AHS Floating Trophy for best stem flowering shrub etc Sally Koen. AHS Floating Trophy for poppies Amanda Coltman. AHS Floating Trophy for the best stem flowering shrub or Creeper Sally Koen. Betty and Desmond HH cup for the best bearded Iris Alison Terry. Sutton Floating Trophy for most points in the cut flower section Sally Koen. Joan Mullins Floating trophy ofr 2nd most points in cut flowers Alison Terry.

Section 4 Indigenous

AHS Floating trophy for best indigenous Flowering stem Alison Terry. Rosalie Iderton Floating Tro- phy for most points Fleur WayJones; Gill Wylie. Vermeulen Cup for most points in Barberton Daisy Section Joan Alexander. Second Most Points Indigenous Sally Terry.

Section 6 Orchids

Ken Douglas trophy for most points in Orchid Section Craig Peter. Pierre and Collette Hendricks for Best Orchid on Show Craig Peter. Second Most points Orchids James Stapley; Vernon Marais.

Section 7 Herb and Vegetables

Butterwort­h Cup for most points Sally Terry. Second Most Points Fleur WayJones.

Section 8 Childrens section

Chapman Trophy for Best Ar- rangement in Children’s Section Ashley Price. Underhill Floating trophy for PreSchool Matthew Pyle. Gowie Trophy Floating trophy for Grades 1 to 3 Ashley Price. Gowie Trophy Floating trophy for Grades 4 to 7 Erin Powers. Overall 1st with most points in Children’s Section Matthew Pyle. Overall 2nd most points Erin Powers.

Section 9 Photograph­y

Tie first with most points Marian Jayes. Fleur Way-Jones.

Overall points winner Sally Koen 2nd most points Sally Terry 3rd most points Alison Terry

Thank you stall gift for continued support: Aubrey Burger

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