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Game on! How are we doing?


Rugby World Cup 2015 . The Springboks won their group and now face Wales in the quarter-finals. Grocott's Mail Sports Beat reporters and ask: What do the Springboks need to do to improve on before their quarter-final against Wales?

Leonard Solms

Stephen Pettitt

Leon Matshingan­a

Judging by the Japan game, I think they didn’t show much determinat­ion to win. I think they should not underestim­ate their opponents, because I felt like they knew that Japan was nobody in terms of rugby. They ended up losing the game. I feel like they should give respect to all opponents they are playing. We could easily win the World Cup if they do that. I think they played really well in last week’s game. They played like a team and Habana played brilliantl­y. I think if they just continue with what they’ve been doing against the USA and just up it a little bit, because they are playing Wales, which is a competitiv­e team, then I think they stand a good chance to make it to the semis. They’ve been playing well. I think they are fine. With regards to the Japan game, I think they were just not hungry for a win.

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