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Helen puts her foot in it again


Seems like former DA Leader and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille just can’t help putting her one of her pumps into her mouth. She once called people who move from Eastern Cape to her province, refugees.

Her latest is a tweet in which she said that colonialis­m was not all bad. Apparently, while the Brits took away people's land and mineral resources, they brought “our independen­t judiciary, transport infrastruc­ture, piped water, etc.” Really? So we should call up Buckingham Palace and that Dear Queen for piped water (which is not EVERYWHERE in South Africa); and the judiciary (whose justice you might not get unless you’re well-off) and roads (which you can’t use if you’re going nowhere)? Should we write Helen off as someone with tin ears?

Which Muslim?

Did you know that most lay men and women over-estimate the number of Muslims in any one country?

Using data from Pew, a survey firm, Ipsos MORI asked the question: “Out of every 100 people in your country, how many do you think are Muslim? The French said Muslims make up 31% of the population. It’s actually just 7.5%. The Phillipine­s said 23% (5.5); Germany 21% (5%); US 17% (1%); India 28% (14.2%), Turkey 81% (98%) and Britain 15% (4.8%) And SA? Well, the polls said we think Muslims make 22% of our 54-odd-million poplulatio­n. The figure is actually just 1.7%.

Adieu ZAR

The chairman of Parliament’s Finance Committee chairman Yunus Carrim said

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