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this week that SA faces a real threat from illicit money flows offshore, SAPS not acting, and the NPA not prosecutin­g when people are caught.

At the heart of the trouble are two threats: companies that use clever accounting tricks to shift profits overseas and avoid paying their fair share in taxes; and money smugglers who are basically taking out suitcases-full of cold hard cash. We’ve all heard the rumours of people with powerful friends who use private jets to smuggle their cash out from under the noses of immigratio­n officials.

My Nairas!

A Nigerian immigrant is suing the South African police and minister for a 2010 shooting incident that left him with a limp. Details differ, but Justin Ejimkonye was shot in the leg (SAPS: “He had a gun and cannabis.” Ejimkonye: “They wanted a bribe.”)

Separately, South Africans are antsy about foreigners for taking their jobs, engaging in crime and “marrying even our grandmothe­rs to get papers!” Many also feel like the coun-

Visa, Visa

Speaking of immigratio­n, many Zimbabwean­s have been living in SA on special permits created by Home Affairs a few years ago. These permits expire in December, and Minister Malusi Gigaba is determined that they will not be renewed. He wants Zim nationals to apply for visas like everyone else. “We can’t offer permanent residency for such a high number of people,” said Gigaba, of the 197 000 Zimbabwean nationals with that permit. SA

Battle Royale

Traditiona­l leaders in the Eastern Cape are demanding a limit to how much Premier Phumulo Masualle can interfere in traditiona­l affairs. And, can they also get 13th cheques and travel allowances?

Royals across the province told the portfolio committee on co-operative governance and traditiona­l affairs that 2017 was the year in which they should get salary increases and travel allowances. The Daily Dispatch has previously reported that they earn between R90 000 and R1m a year.

Simple question: why don’t these guys just get jobs, hey?

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