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Rhodes basketball in action


Rhodes University Basketball Club's men's First Team hosted their Fort Hare counterpar­ts in a friendly fixture at the Rhodes court recently. Here’s the action as it unfolded:

The game breaks to a rowdy crowd and a huddle of fists - then a moment of silence as Fort Hare tries to score the first ball.

The game continues as player 13 plunges to the floor.

Fort Hare is at it once again and scores. After a dodgy start, Fort Hare picks up the pace as Rhodes falls behind.

“Defence! Defence! Defence!” echos from the crowd.

Players become distressed and for a brief moment the air is tense as the first quarter dies down.

The second quarter commences as the game switches up: player six on Fort Hare swiftly moving, scoring, 14 to Rhodes and 11 to Fort Hare.

Rhodes Titans pick up the pace as the crowd goes wild.

Yet again, “Defence! Defence! Defence!” Number seven, who is an exceptiona­l player, as well as the coach of the team, is on fire.

The Fort Hare coach yells franticall­y as his players start falling behind.

The crowd becomes aggres- sive, barking out orders as the third quarter begins.

Star player number seven briskly moves across the court as the sweat trickles down his neck.

Player 10 scores and the crowd jumps to their feet.

There seems to be a confrontat­ion on the court.

Fort Hare is back at it again in the fourth quarter and the scoreboard reads 42 to Rhodes, 30 to Fort Hare.

A general pulling and tugging, pushing and an intrusion of hands in faces, foul play against Rhodes.

The referee dismisses it and the crowd becomes agitated. Photo: Beugene Green

Players from both teams fail at their attempt to score.

The crowd starts singing, the men start moving - it's deafening.

Three minutes and forty five seconds left and the referee becomes anxious as the anger of the crowd rises.

The last few seconds are the most intense as the players cluster when Fort Hare scores.

The crowd speedily moves on to the courts as the scoreboard reads 56 to Rhodes and 51 to Fort Hare.

As the intensity dies down, a shake of hands and a tap on the back brings the night to an end.

 ??  ?? The Rhodes University Titans basketball team during a friendly game against Fort Hare University.
The Rhodes University Titans basketball team during a friendly game against Fort Hare University.

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