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Molweni!! Welcome again to this week’s Thetha Uvakale (Speak and be Heard) edition. As I’m writing this, I’m very excited as we are a day away from having our Open Day at the Joza Youth Hub tomorrow. Everyone is invited to come have fun with us as the vision is for the Joza Youth Hub to be a vibrant, educationa­l and safe space for the community.

Our first story today is written by Chealsea Moses who’s highlighti­ng the cruelty of being called a foreigner in her own home and continent. She explains the brutality people face because they’re not from here (South Africa). Chealsea believes that we can all fight this if we work together and support each other.

Iviwe Haarmans shares with us how li life has it’s own ups and downs, He tells us about the difficulti­es that he’s come across and how strong those difficulti­es h have made him and how life is difficult ju just on it’s own and how his journey has b been so far.

Our Makana star for this week is Chitha alu Mwanakatwe who’s a MA student at R Rhodes University. Chithalu has been volu unteering with Upstart for 4 weeks now b but it really feels like she’s been with us fo for longer. The energised enthusiasm and passion she’s shown us has been amazing and the way she’s always willing to help h has made it easy for us to see her as our very own Makana Star. I know we have so many stars like her out there and would like you to nominate your very own and let us know what good they have done in your community.

Read, weep and enjoy! Yonwabelan­i!!!

And yes, in a world of cellphones and apps, developing the habit of reading and writing is vital to our youth. Ukufunda! Make yourself heard. THETHA UVAKALE!!!

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