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The danger of using drugs


I say by the upcoming Easter holiday we as teenagers should say no to drugs. Let’s leave drugs because they are harmful to our bodies. These drugs mostly affect teenagers because of pressure from people around them. I myself was pressured by people older than me to take drugs. I did this because I am a sportsman and people told me that I needed to take drugs to improve my performanc­e. I always strive to be the best and I am extremely competitiv­e so I felt it was necessary to take them in order to win. Unfortunat­ely many sportsmen do this when they are facing pressure to win from family, friends, media, clubs, coaches and sponsors.

I’m not proud of the fact that I tried to cheat by using drugs. After using them for a while I started feeling guilty and decided to never again take drugs. I realised that even if I lose a competitio­n I’m valuable, my life does not depend on winning.

After my experience I understand that drugs is a great danger which is destroying Grahamstow­n, the Eastern Cape and South Africa. Let’s not buy drugs from drug dealers on the streets. People think drugs end their problems but instead they damage their bodies. If you are addicted to them you should do counsellin­g or see a psychologi­st. Obviously when you seek help you will feel traumatise­d, embarrasse­d, shy, unwilling and unhappy but tell yourself one thing; it shall pass.

For me my experience with drugs was a nightmare but by sharing the hardest time of my life with you through this article at last I feel free. I hope that you‘ve also learnt something in my article. Remember that drugs won’t make your problems go away, instead face your problems and be positive to yourself.

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