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Ian Moore of Mend A Bath Internatio­nal offers this advice on fixing up an old bath:

“Buying a second-hand bath is a great way to save. If the inside is in bad shape, simply resurface it,” he explains. “The coating we use can be applied to the inside of any surface, including cast iron, pressed steel, fibreglass, Plexicor plastic, ceramics, porcelain, cement – even wood! And while the outside surface of a bath doesn’t necessaril­y require a specialise­d coating material, we do have a DIY product that can be used on both the inside and outside. There are 48 standard colours available; however, special colours can be mixed on request.”

Profession­al resurfacin­g of the inside costs between R1 500 and R2 500, but you can do it for half the price with the DIY kit; bear in mind that it will have a slightly different look to a profession­al sprayed-on finish because the DIY kit comes with a special roller.

“When it comes to painting the outside of a freestandi­ng tub, make sure the surface is clean and rust-free before applying a coating,” says Ian.

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