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Wall-mounted taps work for basins that don’t have faucet holes or that have raised sides, such as countertop basins, says Joslyn Goodale Pickering of Victorian Bathrooms.

There are several options to choose from, ranging from lever or cross-handle stop taps to the shape of the spout and whether it can swivel out of the way or is fixed.

“While wall-mounted fixtures are perfect for guest bathrooms where only hand-washing is required, they may not be as practical in a main bathroom where more grooming activities take place, such as shaving and washing one’s face,” says Joslyn. “This is because the spout can be obstructiv­e and wall-mounted stop taps are more difficult to reach, especially when one’s eyes are closed!

“Deck-mounted taps are available in a wider range of styles and there is also a much larger selection of basins available to match, helping you to achieve your desired look.”

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