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Wooden floors work well in bathrooms as they’re warm and, therefore, comfortabl­e in both summer and winter, says Frikkie Greeff of Woodoc.

“However, these floors can look neglected if they aren’t maintained properly and, of course, wood can rot and develop structural problems if it isn’t treated correctly,” he adds. Follow these steps when fixing up an old floor:

1 Using an industrial floor sander, sand the wood to as smooth a finish as possible then wipe with a cloth dipped in mineral turpentine to remove the dust as well as any oils or waxes.

2 Once the floor is clean, smooth and dry, apply Woodoc 25 or Woodoc Water-Borne Floor Sealer with a broad brush. Keep on applying the sealant until the wood is unable to absorb any more. Let it dry completely.

3 When the first coat is dry, add a second and a third, even a fourth, in the same manner. It’s always worth it to add that fourth coat. Let the final coat dry for at least 24 hours before use.

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