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[ Q& A] with Nico and Lizelle


What advice do you have for first-time renovators? Use a reputable builder! And don’t change your plans during the process. You may be tempted to go in a different direction by the beautiful things you see on Pinterest, but trust your instincts – you know what you like. How did you find the best products and services and would you recommend them to other renovators? It all boils down to doing a bit of research. Look for good quality and the best price; the latter will depend on the value of an item. We think all the products we used are excellent; the great service we got from the suppliers we chose was an added bonus. Do you think experience helps when tackling a makeover? We’ve undertaken several small projects such as painting a house, but nothing on a large scale. Even this project was fairly small. But you definitely learn something new every time you tackle a project.

Any cost-cutting tips for other renovators? Compare prices. It’s possible to find the same item at a more affordable price if you search carefully. The shower head, for example, was almost three times the price at another supplier.

What’s next? Our house is small and storage space is limited, so we are planning a modern storeroom in the garden. Our wooden floors also need a little love.

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