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[ Q& A] with Sarah


Where do you get your ideas? Everywhere! Magazines, other people’s homes, from nature... Did you and your husband agree on the design, look and feel of the room? I’m fortunate in that my husband trusts my vision when it comes to home improvemen­ts! The new space had to be a haven for both of us – and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved. Does it help to live in a space first? If possible, yes! After living in our home for nine years, we had a good feel for the space. We also had a bigger budget, which gave us so many more options for the finishes. What is your advice to other renovators? Add at least 15% to your budget! Why do you think this is necessary? I fell in love with gorgeous taps that were slightly more expensive than what I had budgeted for and they were not immediatel­y available in the country. I also decided to give the walls a cement finish – the whole process takes quite a while because it happens in layers, and each layer has to harden. This, of course, all resulted in delays, which led to additional expenses. Where do you shop for décor accessorie­s? I don’t have a favourite store. I love old and new things, so I tend to browse in various shops until I find something that speaks to me.

What’s next? We are currently fixing up the bathroom in the guest suite.

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