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Sliding and stacking doors are both good options for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, says Cobus Lourens of Swartland Windows and Doors.

“Sliding doors take up less space than stacking doors when open and thanks to wide panes of glass, offer uninterrup­ted views. But do remember that these doors typically open up only 50 percent of the doorway,” he explains. “Stacking doors can easily be stacked to one side, opening up the entire space, but they have several narrower sections of glass, which does restrict the indoor-outdoor feel when the doors are closed.”

When choosing door frame material, aluminium and timber are Cobus’s top choices: “Powder-coated aluminium is an affordable, light and durable material that is corrosionr­esistant. It also has narrow profiles for a sleek visual appeal. On the other hand, timber sourced from sustainabl­y managed forests boasts green credential­s, offers excellent insulation, is durable and adds a rich, warm look. If sealed with a quality water-based sealant and properly maintained, your timber doors should offer excellent longevity.

“While sealing the timber will protect it from water damage, the best protection is to limit contact with water. So aim your shower head away from your doors if possible.”

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