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Considerin­g an engineered wooden floor in your bathroom? Bear the following in mind, says Etienne Louw of KBAC Flooring:

“We would not recommend installing an engineered timber floor in a bathroom environmen­t, but in this particular installati­on ( opposite) it was specified throughout by the architect and client. Thanks to the open-plan nature of the bathroom and sufficient ventilatio­n, the risk of failure was reduced.

“Our recommenda­tion would be to rather install a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or waterproof laminate in a bathroom if the timber look is what you’re after. These are far less likely to fail than engineered timber.”

The floor in this home is still doing well! “It is holding up, far better than we expected,” says homeowner Ancois Basson. “We installed it in the kitchen too, where we spill much more water than in the bathroom, and it hasn’t been a problem.”

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