Home Bathrooms



Eben Kruger of Eurolux offers the following tips for layering bathroom lighting:

• Downlights, as long as the units are sealed to prevent moisture from penetratin­g them, are great for providing general lighting.

• Ceiling fittings with integrated LEDs or an LED extractor fan and light combinatio­n will help you to see better for the task at hand.

• Position task lighting on either side of a mirror instead of opposite it to avoid an unpleasant glare. Bear in mind that you want to be able to see clearly in the mirror, so whatever lighting you choose should not be behind you as it will cast a shadow on your face.

• Chandelier­s and pendants can make a statement and add a decorative touch to the space but shouldn’t be relied on as the main source of illuminati­on. Pendants work well in larger bathrooms. Always check with your electricia­n that they comply with safety standards for your particular bathroom.

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