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Thanks to clever planning, this once cramped bathroom is now a spacious and stylish wet room.

- By Carissa Govender Photograph­s Francois Oberholste­r Styling Shelly Bergh

I’m so proud of this project because it turned out perfectly, despite the problems I faced.

– Inez

When, more than a decade ago, Inez de Vries heard that her sister’s house in Kuils River was on the market, she knew that a little TLC would add a lot of value to this ugly duckling home. So she rose to the challenge and bought the house in 2008, full of ideas about how she could make the most of the space.

But it’s been a slow process. “Each year, depending on my budget, I try to make some changes. I get so much joy out of creating my perfect home – and I browse through old issues of Home for hours,” she says.

So far, she’s added a patio and braai room, converted the garage into a guest bedroom en suite, renovated the main bedroom and installed new floors.

Using products such as concrete and wood, Inez has created a timeless feel throughout the house.

Her latest transforma­tion shows her true mettle. At just 6m², Inez describes the bathroom as “always too cramped”. It had a bath but that turned out to be a waste of space: “I probably used the tub twice a year,” she says with a laugh.

The enclosed shower also irked her, so she had it removed along with the bath and rearranged the position of the toilet, basin and shower to maximise the space. Thanks to the new layout, Inez was able to realise her dream: an open-plan shower with a luxurious rain shower head.

You can never ask too many questions. And if you’re not convinced by the answer, ask again!

– Inez

 ??  ?? WHO LIVES HERE? Inez de VriesWHERE Kuils River, Cape TownSIZE 6m²
WHO LIVES HERE? Inez de VriesWHERE Kuils River, Cape TownSIZE 6m²
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 ??  ?? Inez de Vries
Inez de Vries

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