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Make a wooden bathmat

Add a splash of colour to bath time with this pretty – and practical – accessory.

- By Shelly Bergh Photograph­s Francois Oberholste­r

You will need SHOPPING LIST

• 22 x 22mm pine battens

( see sketch opposite)

• Woodoc Water-Borne Deck

• Woodoc Colours in the colour Mulberry


• jigsaw and G-clamp

• drill with 5mm wood bit

• 15m x 4mm nylon string

Get started

This sketch is your cutting and drilling guide. It indicates the amount of strips you need to cut to specific sizes and where to drill the holes.

1 Using the jigsaw, cut the battens in the following measuremen­ts ( also see sketch): • twelve 70mm pieces • twenty-four 125mm pieces • eleven 305mm pieces • one 770mm piece. 2 Now drill holes in the battens, following the specific measuremen­ts above.

3 Decant some Woodoc WaterBorne Deck into two containers; about 200ml in each. Add some Woodoc Colours Mulberry to both: in one of them, add just a tiny bit and in the other one about three times as much. Mix well.

4 Paint the 125mm pieces with the lighter tint on all sides. Let the varnish dry then apply a second coat. Paint the rest of the pieces with the darker colour; apply two coats on all sides, letting the paint dry between layers.

5 Cut five 3m lengths of string. Lay your battens out vertically – first the 70mm piece and then alternate with two of the 125mm pieces and one 70mm piece ( see photo).

Make a knot at the end of each string and thread them through the holes, starting at the 770mm piece and working through all the holes.

6 Shape the pieces into a half circle and pull the strings tight by threading them through the remaining holes on the 770mm piece. Make knots to keep them in place.

 ??  ?? QUICK PROJECT GUIDE Hard labour 1/10 Skill level 2/10 Time needed 3 hours Shelly Bergh
QUICK PROJECT GUIDE Hard labour 1/10 Skill level 2/10 Time needed 3 hours Shelly Bergh
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 ??  ?? 1
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 ??  ??
 ??  ?? 5
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 ??  ?? 3
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