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Small changes, big impact

Give your bathroom an instant facelift with these nifty ideas.

- Compiled by Johané Neilson • Photograph­s Francois Oberholste­r, Elza Cooper and Sally Chance Styling Marian van Wyk and Kim Bougaardt • Projects by Deon de Goede

#1 Smell the roses

A fresh scent always adds a luxurious touch. Raid your garden, buy a bunch of blooms or invest in a beautiful diffuser, as residentia­l interior designer Nikki Zigras, owner of Studio Do Cabo, has done in her small Victorian cottage in the Bo-Kaap.

#2 Tray chic!

Instead of letting your lotions and potions stand around, group them on a pretty tray and see how clutter can be transforme­d into a stylish display. Take inspiratio­n from this arrangemen­t in Craig Olckers’ Cape Town home.


White on white on white will make your space feel more modern and give it a classic feel. Invest in white storage baskets for open shelves and keep your linen and towels monotone. Combining textures within your scheme will keep the palette from becoming dull.

#4 In the nude

Keen on a more romantic bathroom but don’t want to scare your partner with pink? Choose a subtle blush, shell tone or nude shade such as Duram Classic Matt in Ceres Blush. “A soft nude pink is a perfect backdrop with which to match almost any colour. A rosy glow emanates from the paint and makes everything and, most importantl­y, everyone around it look pretty – which, after all, is the biggest decorating success,” says designer Martyn Laurence Bullard. >>

#5 Green fingers

Use plants to create a spa-like environmen­t. Those that work well in areas with high humidity include orchids, mother-in-law’s tongue, elephant’s ear, delicious monster and ferns. Let your greenery take pride of place on a table; if space is limited, display your favourites on the windowsill or install brackets and hang them up!

#6 In the locker room

Create a chic industrial look with a colourful wire locker – perfect for storing all your necessitie­s. Give a second-hand locker a new lease on life with a lick of bright paint or consider having it powder-coated (it’s tougher than regular paint and available in a variety of colours). >>


The colour of the ceiling dramatical­ly affects the mood of a room. While white is often the obvious choice, a dark colour on the ceiling and walls in a well-lit, neutral space can create a playful and dramatic style statement.

#8 Arty farty

A bathroom is probably not the first place you think of in terms of displaying art but it’s a great way to brighten up the space. Use a collection of inexpensiv­e prints in classic frames, colourful or vintage plates, artisanal tiles, framed photograph­s or a single striking piece in an ornate frame. Black-and-white watercolou­r print from Victoria Verbaan; frame from Country Road; Space Bunny plate from Sonja Kastner Ceramics

If I don’t have red, I use blue.

– Pablo Picasso

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 ??  ?? Moth orchid ( Phalaenops­is) Mother-in-law’s tongue Sansevieri­a trifasciat­a ‘Laurentii’ Delicious monster ( Monstera deliciosa) Upright elephant’s ear ( Alocasia ‘Calidora’)
Moth orchid ( Phalaenops­is) Mother-in-law’s tongue Sansevieri­a trifasciat­a ‘Laurentii’ Delicious monster ( Monstera deliciosa) Upright elephant’s ear ( Alocasia ‘Calidora’)
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 ??  ?? Paint colour Sabre Paints Night Sky
Paint colour Sabre Paints Night Sky

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