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[ Q& A] with Inez


What do you like most about your new bathroom? I love the freedom of movement – you aren’t restricted by shower doors and steps. What would your advice be to someone doing their first renovation? Start off with smaller projects around your house in order to see if your plumber or builder is in fact competent enough to take on a bigger project. What research should be done

beforehand? Know your materials, from the pipes the plumber will use to the screed finish you want – not all screeds are suitable in wet areas and some should be sealed. When it comes to wood, make sure it can cope with exposure to water. The wood used for floor inlays must be at least 50mm thick to prevent warping. How do you effectivel­y manage a project from start to finish without a contractor? Convene a meeting with all sub-contractor­s before the project begins so that each person knows who is responsibl­e for what. Draft pictures and drawings with accurate measuremen­ts. Be aware that sometimes you’ll receive an answer that’s convenient for the tradesman and not you; consult with someone else in the industry to confirm that you aren’t being misled. How do you find the best products? I search online and compare prices; before I buy, I always check for reviews on a product. Any other tips? Make sure the contractor­s do no damage to the rest of your house while on the job. I bought cheap blankets to cover the floors throughout.

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