Colour-grading: this chest of draw­ers makes waves

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A few well-ex­e­cuted brush­strokes turned this tired old chest of draw­ers into a sea

of sur­prises!

1 Ap­ply a coat or two of primer – use Du­lux Su­per­grip Primer or Du­lux Wood Primer; they’re both suit­able for raw wood or smooth sur­faces. Once the primer is dry, ap­ply two coats of white wa­ter-based enamel to the en­tire chest of draw­ers. Mean­while, mix as many ad­di­tional shades as you’ll need by ad­ding some of the darker paint to each pre­vi­ous mix­ture. Tip Use empty jars or yoghurt tubs to mix the ad­di­tional shades and place these side by side so that you can ad­just the mix­tures if nec­es­sary. 2 Start with white and then ap­ply the in­creas­ingly darker shades to the draw­ers. Use the small sponge roller to achieve a smooth fin­ish. 3 For an in­ter­est­ing ef­fect, use a pen­cil to draw a sim­ple wave pat­tern across the drawer fronts and along the sides. 4 Then use mask­ing tape to mask out the pat­tern. 5 Use the sponge roller to paint the waves onto the draw­ers and the sides, work­ing your way back up the unit. 6 Use a tape mea­sure to ac­cu­rately mark out and then drill 5mm holes at the po­si­tions where you want to fit the drawer knobs and fas­ten them in place.

Real­is­ing its po­ten­tial, we bought this old and bat­tered chest of draw­ers for a song at an auc­tion.Pro­ject notes• We used an of­f­cut piece of 22mm lam­i­nated pine to make a base to sup­port the new legs. • We re­placed the sin­gle knobs with a pair of knobs for each drawer and filled the old holes with wood filler. • We used plain white paint and made it in­cre­men­tally darker by ad­ding a lit­tle of the dark blue paint each time to achieve the dif­fer­ent coloured waves of our pat­tern. It’s cheaper than buy­ing tins of all the dif­fer­ent shades.

Shop­ping list • mask­ing tape • wood filler • drawer knobs • Du­lux Su­per­grip primer • wa­ter-based acrylic PVA or enamel in the colour of your choice – try Du­lux Pearl­glo Water­based Tools • drill • multi-sander • sponge roller and tray

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