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Add that spe­cial touch to child’s bed­room by paint­ing a fun har­lequin pat­tern onto plain melamine cup­boards.

Here’s how...

2 Us­ing the mask­ing tape, connect the marks di­ag­o­nally across the wardrobe to cre­ate a di­a­mond-shaped grid.

3 Use a sponge roller to ap­ply a coat of primer over the en­tire wardrobe. If you plan to leave some di­a­monds un­painted as we have, bear in mind that the primer will dry to a clear glossy fin­ish, which is dis­tin­guish­able from the orig­i­nal melamine sur­face. If this wor­ries you, sim­ply leave the sec­tions you wish to leave un­painted as is. Let the primer cure overnight be­fore you ap­ply the over­coat.

4 Paint the di­a­monds in the colours of your choice us­ing a sponge roller. Two coats should do it! Re­move the mask­ing tape to re­veal the pat­tern. Re-at­tach the door knobs.

Tip Don’t be afraid to ex­per­i­ment with paint colours by adding vary­ing quan­ti­ties

of white to dif­fer­ent con­tain­ers with the same base colour. Just make sure that you

mix enough for the en­tire project!

BE­LOW The ar­rows in­di­cate where the marks in Step 1 should be made op­po­site each other be­fore you ap­ply the mask­ing tape. To cre­ate an ac­cu­rate di­a­mond pat­tern, the marks should al­ways be equidis­tant from each other – we used five strips of 18cm each. Ad­just your mea­sure­ments ac­cord­ing to the size of your cup­board.

1 Re­move the door knobs. Divide the width and length of the wardrobe into equal sec­tions and make pen­cils marks along the top, bot­tom and sides of the wardrobe ( see red ar­rows op­po­site). Make sure the marks on the top and at the bot­tom (and left and...


Shop­ping list • 12mm-wide mask­ing tape • Du­lux Su­per­grip All Sur­face Primer • Du­lux PVA Tools • tape mea­sure • sponge roller • paint tray




THE COLOUR PAL­ETTE 1 Du­lux Gre­cian Spa 5 2 Du­lux Turquoise Pa­rade 6 3 Du­lux Amethyst Showers 5


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