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The three lives of an old server (thus far).

Colour­ful retro

Be­cause wa­ter dam­age to this side­board was too ex­ten­sive for it to be sanded and var­nished, the en­tire piece was painted. In its sec­ond in­car­na­tion, it got a retro look in dra­matic colours; the frame, doors and legs were painted and the draw­ers dec­o­rated with fab­ric and pa­per.

1 Lightly sand the cup­board and wipe it with a damp cloth. 2 Ap­ply an un­der­coat such as Du­lux Su­per­grip and al­low it to dry overnight. 3 Us­ing the sponge roller, ap­ply two coats of paint in the colour of your choice, al­low­ing each layer to dry com­pletely. Bear in mind that oil-based paint takes longer to dry than wa­ter-based paint. 4 Dec­o­rate the draw­ers as you wish. Cut the pa­per or fab­ric into the de­sired shapes and ap­ply them with Mod Podge. Paint two coats of Mod Podge on top to seal and fin­ish the look. For the fi­nal touch, fit new han­dles.

Con­tem­po­rary chic

By ex­pos­ing parts of the wood in places and con­trast­ing this with white paint, the server has now been given a third lease on life with a con­tem­po­rary yet clas­sic look that will com­ple­ment any space.

1 Re­move the han­dles and lift the ex­ist­ing paint and Mod Podge with paint strip­per. 2 Clean the en­tire side­board with sugar soap. 3 Sand any un­even ar­eas or flecks of paint; also sand off old var­nish on the frame and legs, which won’t be painted. Note If your cup­board is not made of solid wood but is a ve­neer, take care to sand lightly. 4 Wipe off any dust with a damp cloth and al­low the wood to dry com­pletely. Us­ing the sponge roller, ap­ply two to three coats of paint to the draw­ers, doors and top. Al­low to dry com­pletely be­fore re-fit­ting the han­dles.

You will need • 180-grit sand­pa­per • un­der­coat • paint in your cho­sen colours • han­dles • wall­pa­per, gift wrap or fab­ric • Mod Podge and small paint­brush • small sponge roller • pair of scis­sors • ruler or tape mea­sure • paint tray This old side­board...

You will need • paint strip­per • sugar soap • or­bital san­der and medium-grit sand­ing discs • white wa­ter-based enamel with a matt fin­ish • small sponge roller • paint tray Tip If you’re not keen on re­mov­ing the paint your­self, you can get a...

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