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1 Roughly sketch the po­si­tion of the moun­tains on a piece of paper.

2 If the ex­ist­ing wall colour is not suit­able as a base coat, first paint the en­tire wall (we chose Du­lux Bleached Lichen 2; it’s a lovely warm shade that doesn’t look too yel­low).

3 Us­ing your pen­cil sketch as a guide, mark out the out­lines for the first two moun­tains with mask­ing tape. Try to keep the lines as straight as pos­si­ble.

4 Us­ing the first colour (we chose Du­lux Dusted Moss 1), paint the moun­tains. Care­fully pull off the mask­ing tape and al­low at least 30 min­utes for the paint to dry; re­peat with the sec­ond colour (ours is Dusted Moss 2).

5 Wait at least 30–60 min­utes for the paint to dry thor­oughly and then mark off the lines for the snow-capped peaks with the mask­ing tape.

6 Paint the white for the snow; re­move the mask­ing tape. >>

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