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1 De­cide how far you’d like to place the mould­ings from the outer edges of your door, then mea­sure and mark ac­cord­ingly – ours are 100mm from the edge all round. At­tach the dec­o­ra­tive cor­ners first us­ing wood glue. Once that is done, mea­sure the dis­tance be­tween the dec­o­ra­tive cor­ners to de­ter­mine the mea­sure­ments of your mould­ings.

2 Mark where you must saw the mould­ings and use a mitre box and hand saw to cut each piece to size with neat 45° an­gles so they will fit nicely be­tween the dec­o­ra­tive cor­ners.

3 Paint wood glue over the back of the in­di­vid­ual pieces and press into place on your door. Ap­ply firm pres­sure while mak­ing sure that each piece is lined up neatly with the edges of your door. Leave to dry.

4 Use wood filler to fill in any gaps. Leave to dry be­fore sand­ing lightly for a smooth fin­ish, then paint in the colour of your choice.

Tip If nec­es­sary, hold the pieces in place with mask­ing tape un­til the wood glue has dried com­pletely.

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