Make the deep-but­ton cush­ion

You will need

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• foam (1 360 x 450 x 75mm) • 2m bat­ting • spray ad­he­sive • 2m up­hol­stery fab­ric of your choice (we used a vel­vety fab­ric) • top­stitch thread in the same colour as your fab­ric • 16 cov­ered but­tons (in same fab­ric as cover) • waxed up­hol­stery string


• tape mea­sure • square ruler • fab­ric pen­cil • scis­sors • sewing ma­chine • nee­dles (one reg­u­lar sewing nee­dle, one 15cm nee­dle) • pins


Cut pieces of bat­ting the same size as each of the six sides of the foam. 6 Use a lad­der stitch to sew the re­main­ing seam closed by hand. 2

Use the spray ad­he­sive to stick the bat­ting onto the foam on all sides. 7

Cre­ate a top­stitch 1cm in on all edges of the cush­ion, us­ing a reg­u­lar bast­ing stitch.

4 With the right sides fac­ing each other, sew the side pieces to­gether on the short sides to form a rec­tan­gle. 5 With the right sides still fac­ing each other, sew the top piece to the rec­tan­gle you made in step 3 on all four sides. Sew the bot­tom piece (right sides fac­ing each other) to the sides, leav­ing one short side open. Turn the cush­ion cover right side out and in­sert the foam with the bat­ting into it. 8

Mea­sure and mark where the but­tons should go on both sides of the cush­ion. Across the length of the seat, mea­sure 28cm from the top­stitch and then in 27cm in­ter­vals. Across the width, mea­sure in­ter­vals of 15cm. Pin the marks then mark the spots with thread.

Use the waxed string and 15cm nee­dle to do the deep-but­ton­ing. Push the nee­dle threaded with the waxed string through the foam on one of your marks. Thread a but­ton onto the string then push the nee­dle back through the foam. Thread an­other but­ton on the other side. Push down as hard as you can on the but­tons and tie the string. You’ll need help with this: one per­son push­ing the but­tons to­wards each other, and the other ty­ing the knot. Re­peat on all eight marks. 9 QUICK PROJECT GUIDE Hard labour 1/10 Skill level 3/10 Time needed 5 hours Do it your­self for ± R430: foam R145, bat­ting R37, fab­ric R150, but­tons R25, top­stitch thread R23, waxed string R50 3

Cut the fab­ric in the fol­low­ing sizes: • two pieces of 1 410 x 500mm (top and bot­tom) • two pieces of 1 410 x 125mm (long sides) • two pieces of 500 x 125mm (short sides) Watch the video on 1 4 6 9 2 5 7 8 3

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