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1 Place the planks where the bench will be sit­u­ated. Ar­range the bricks as shown and mark the po­si­tion on the ground.

2 Level the ground where the pavers will be placed on each side as a foun­da­tion. Po­si­tion the planks on top of the pavers again and mark where the bricks will be placed on the paver foun­da­tion.

3 Mix the mor­tar by com­bin­ing the ce­ment, sand and wa­ter ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions on the ce­ment bag.

4 Us­ing the builder’s trowel, spread ce­ment on the paver and place the bricks on top of the ce­ment. Use the rub­ber mal­let to tamp down the bricks where nec­es­sary to get them level and square. Build the sec­ond layer, al­ter­nat­ing the bricks as shown (see sketch be­low). Re­peat on the other end of the bench, mak­ing sure that the two brick struc­tures are level with each other (see tip). Con­tinue in this fash­ion un­til you have four lay­ers of six bricks at each end. 5 Now lay the fifth and fi­nal layer of bricks, leav­ing out two in­ner bricks to form the gap where the seat will fit.

6 Us­ing a wet sponge, ‘grout’ the gaps be­tween the bricks with mor­tar. Rinse the sponge fre­quently and then wipe off the ex­cess mor­tar again to achieve a rel­a­tively smooth sur­face. The ce­ment must be left to cure (har­den) for two days. Paint or var­nish the bench as de­sired.

Al­ter­nate the bricks in suc­ces­sive lay­ers so that the joins do not lie on top of each other. This en­sures a stronger struc­ture.TipUse a spirit level and a plank placed on each end to en­sure that the struc­tures are the same height as you go along.

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