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Keen to find out how to treat your wooden kitchen coun­ter­tops or de­sign an open-plan liv­ing area to best ef­fect? You ask – we’ll find the an­swers.

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Treat it right

Maryna Olivier of Jou­bertina writes My hus­band and I want to build our kitchen cup­board coun­ter­tops from gen­uine black­wood; how must we treat the wood to en­sure that it is heat- and wa­ter-re­sis­tant?

Frikkie Gre­eff, man­ag­ing direc­tor of Woodoc, replies We sug­gest you use clear Woodoc Wa­ter-Borne Floor sealer. It is avail­able in a matte and gloss fin­ish. Be­cause it’s a floor sealer, Woodoc Wa­ter­Borne Floor is highly scratchre­sis­tant so your coun­ter­tops will be able to with­stand mod­er­ate heat (as long as it’s not so hot that it will scorch the wood), wa­ter and al­co­hol, among oth­ers.

It’s vi­tal that you pre­pare the wood prop­erly for the best re­sults. Make sure the wood is com­pletely dry, with no dust or oil on the sur­face, then sand well; the smoother the wood is, the bet­ter the fin­ish will be. Wipe off with a cloth moist­ened with methy­lated spir­its. Al­low the sur­face to dry com­pletely – all the methy­lated spir­its must evap­o­rate.

Wipe again with a clean, dry cloth. Stir the sealant well (do not shake), then dip about two-thirds of the bris­tles of a clean, dry brush in the tin. Don’t wipe the brush against the side of the tin – this pushes the bris­tles away from each other which lets in air, re­sult­ing in bub­bles on the sur­face when you ap­ply the prod­uct.

Al­low ex­cess sealant to drip off and ap­ply it in long, even strokes in the same di­rec­tion as the grain of the wood. Dip the brush reg­u­larly and stir the sealant fre­quently. Once the en­tire sur­face is smooth and shiny, leave it to dry then sand lightly with fine sand­pa­per. Wipe again with spir­its then with a dry cloth. Re­peat the process twice more.


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