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• Find your pas­sion. Mine was roses and I de­cided to find out ev­ery­thing I pos­si­bly could about them. • Group plants with the same grow­ing re­quire­ments to­gether – like those that need lots of wa­ter or very lit­tle. Some plants are very adapt­able and can be grown any­where; ex­per­i­ment and see what works in your gar­den. • A co­he­sive colour scheme will help you to achieve a coun­try look in your gar­den. • I love ground­cov­ers; they form a nat­u­ral mulch for the soil (see our story on ground­cov­ers on page 90). • Along with masses of flow­ers, you can also use hedges to add shape to your gar­den. • I feed my roses with Lud­wig’s Vig­orosa. In spring and dur­ing the rainy sea­son they also get Chronos (I pour the dis­solved mix­ture over the root zone); in win­ter I prune the roses back quite hard. • I con­trol aphids with a spray mix­ture of 5 ta­ble­spoons dish­wash­ing liq­uid, 5ml eu­ca­lyp­tus oil and 5L wa­ter.

Dou­ble pink pop­pies are beau­ti­fully dis­played against the pur­ple flower clus­ters of Chi­nese wis­te­ria.

Page over to see how Ra­mona en­ter­tains in style.

Chi­nese wis­te­ria Ra­mona het die ou grasperk ver­vang met tu­in­paad­jie van se­ment­blokke en gruis.

An an­gel sits atop a bird­bath(above) – one of six wa­ter fea­tures in the gar­den.

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