Clas­sic cheese­burger with crunchy onion rings and chunky chips

Recipe Raphaella Frame-tolmie

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2 red pep­pers 1 large aubergine, sliced olive oil salt and pep­per 4 large field mush­rooms 1 gar­lic clove, crushed 20ml olive tape­nade 2T red-wine vine­gar 2T olive oil 1 round loaf of bread but­ter let­tuce leaves 200g mar­i­nated ar­ti­chokes 5 large Roma toma­toes, peeled

and seeded 100g pro­volone cheese, sliced fresh basil leaves

Makes 1 loaf

Place the pep­pers on a bak­ing tray and cook un­der a hot grill, turn­ing un­til the skin on all sides has black­ened. Re­move from the oven and place in a bowl, cover it tightly with cling­film and al­low the pep­pers to steam. When cool enough to han­dle, peel the pep­pers and re­move the stalks and seeds.

Place the aubergine slices on a bak­ing tray, driz­zle a lit­tle olive oil over them and sea­son with salt and pep­per. Place un­der the grill and cook un­til soft, then re­move and al­low to cool.

Rub the mush­rooms in the crushed gar­lic and place on a bak­ing tray. Driz­zle a lit­tle olive oil over them, sea­son to taste and grill for 15 min­utes.

Mix the olive tape­nade with the red-wine vine­gar and olive oil. Us­ing a sharp knife, care­fully slice the top off the loaf of bread, form­ing a lid. Hol­low out the in­side of the loaf to leave just the crust (about 2.5cm thick). Coat the in­side walls and base of the loaf with two thirds of the tape­nade mix­ture and al­low it to soak in.

Line the in­side of the loaf with the let­tuce leaves, layer the re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents over the top and cover with the last of the leaves. Re­place the lid of the bread and wrap the loaf in cling­film. Us­ing a chop­ping board and a heavy uten­sil, com­press the loaf and place it in the fridge overnight. Serve in large wedges.

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