Prawn and cour­gette-flower cae­sar salad with Parme­san bis­cuits

Recipe Stephen Tem­ple­ton

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200g med­jool dates, pit­ted 100ml brandy 200g white cho­co­late, melted 80ml fresh cream 200g dark cho­co­late, melted 200g med­jool dates, pit­ted

and finely chopped 20g fresh ginger, grated 20ml wa­ter 80g sugar 800ml plain yo­ghurt 200ml cream 200g sugar zest of 1 or­ange 2 gela­tine leaves, soaked

in cold wa­ter 120g ic­ing sugar 10g but­ter 2 shots of brandy 240g or­ange seg­ments mint

Serves 2

Cook the 200g dates in the brandy un­til the al­co­hol has cooked off and set aside. Com­bine the white cho­co­late and cream in a saucepan and, over gen­tle heat, re­duce un­til the mix­ture is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon. Pipe the cho­co­late mix­ture into the pit­ted dates. Dip each date in melted dark cho­co­late and al­low to set. Pipe white cho­co­late over the truf­fles if de­sired.

To make a com­pote, com­bine the chopped and pit­ted dates, ginger, wa­ter and 80g sugar in a saucepan and sim­mer un­til soft.

For the panna cotta, com­bine the yo­ghurt, cream, 200g sugar and or­ange zest in another saucepan, and bring to a sim­mer. Add the gela­tine leaves (af­ter squeez­ing out any ex­cess liq­uid) and whisk to dis­solve, then sim­mer for two min­utes. Spoon the com­pote into the bot­tom of a glass and pour the panna cotta mix­ture over it. Re­frig­er­ate for about three hours, un­til set.

Com­bine the 120g ic­ing sugar, 10g but­ter and brandy in a saucepan. Sim­mer un­til re­duced, add the or­ange seg­ments and con­tinue to sim­mer un­til sticky and golden.

Place the panna cotta on the plate and ar­range the cho­co­late truf­fles around the glass, adding a few sprigs of mint for colour.

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