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For the ponzu dressing

100ml rice vine­gar 300ml mirin* (rice wine) 3 pieces of kombu* (kelp) 30g bonito (dried fish) flakes* 300ml le­mon juice 300ml lime juice 100ml soy sauce 300ml wal­nut oil

For the pickled shimejis

100g shimeji mush­rooms 100ml wa­ter 100ml rice vine­gar 60g sugar

For the springbok tartare

300g springbok loin, diced into very small cubes ¼ red onion, peeled and finely diced 20g pars­ley, chopped Mal­don salt, to taste 100g wal­nuts, roasted 2 en­dive heads, separated into leaves 100g Parme­san cheese, grated and frozen Edi­ble flow­ers, to serve

To make the ponzu dressing, heat the rice vine­gar, mirin and kombu in a pot. Once warm, add the bonito flakes and in­fuse for 15 min­utes, then strain the liq­uid and al­low to cool. Add the le­mon and lime juices, soy sauce and wal­nut oil to the cooled mix­ture and mix well.

To pre­pare the pickled shimejis, cut the stems off the mush­rooms and re­serve for later use. Heat the wa­ter, rice vine­gar and sugar over a low heat until the sugar dis­solves, pour over the mush­room tops and al­low to cool.

Make the tartare by com­bin­ing the springbok cubes and onion in a bowl with the pars­ley, pickled shimeji mush­rooms, Mal­don salt and wal­nuts (re­serv­ing some for gar­nish), then add the ponzu dressing (about 5 ta­ble­spoons, to taste).

Ar­range the tartare into three piles on each of six plates. Lightly dress with some ponzu dressing, and gar­nish with en­dive leaves, pickled shimejis, roasted wal­nuts, Parme­san and edi­ble flow­ers be­fore serv­ing.

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