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- By TTF ( The Threshing Floor)

How often have you applied for a job and been called to an interview only thereafter to be presented with a letter of regret? Well, you are not alone. Many job seekers fail to enter the gate of employment and remain frustrated not knowing why despite meeting and at times exceeding the minimum requiremen­ts of the job advertised. I have been there too and I have some tips to share with you which I hope will help give you a better chance at being selected.

It all starts with the advert that you come across in that newspaper or website or got from a friend. Every clue for success is carried in this advert. The advert is an invitation which invites all those that meet the things listed therein. In reading the advert, assess yourself against it by checking a few critical things. Do I meet the minimum requiremen­ts such as the least qualificat­ion, number of years experience in the areas mentioned. If your answer is yes, then you can start to dust your CV.

Depending on the detail of minimum requiremen­ts, it may be necessary to align your CV to lift clearly what the advert is requesting but ensure you remain factual. Whatever claims you make in the CV, these must be supported by relevant documentat­ion. Always remember that you are not the only person responding to the advert. The high unemployme­nt rate in our country means that more people respond to an advert for work with most meeting the requiremen­ts. Your CV must therefore be upfront to reflect on the requiremen­ts including those things that can give you an added advantage over others. Also remember you will not be there to speak to the selection panel but your CV will speak for you. The first thing the selection panel does is to analyse the CVs to look for those that meet minimum requiremen­ts of the advert and shortlist them. Shortlisti­ng is what we consider stage one of the selection processes. With the high unemployme­nt rate in our country, it is not unusual to attract a great number of applicants meeting the minimum requiremen­ts hence further sifting is done to remain with a handful to be called to the interview. Here, your added advantages will give you leverage. If you are finally shortliste­d you will be called to an interview.

You have every reason to be excited but you are still outside the door. To go through your key is again the advert and your preparedne­ss. Most people forget about the advert and focus only on rememberin­g their CV. Get in the shoes of the selection panel. They are seeking to appoint a person that best responds to the advert, the invitation. Take note to research the company and understand its vision, mission and product or service offering. Also know where and how the position advertised contribute­s within the company.

Your key to preparedne­ss is to again go through the advert

Usually the selection panel will ask you to tell them about yourself. Often people make the mistake of regurgitat­ing their CV at this point. Hello! They read your CV hence you are in the interview. So use this question to market yourself by telling the panel of what you possess in terms of skills and experience that are directly linked to what is required in the advert. Lift from your CV that which is relevant to the advert and say what you are offering the company. By responding in this way, you win the attention of the panel because you would have said in a nutshell, I am the one you are looking for, take interest in me.

Listen very carefully to the questions that follow. Every question is aimed at determinin­g to what extent you fit the job requiremen­ts in the advert in comparison to the other candidates before and after you in the interview schedule. Where you don’t understand, ask the panel to repeat and even paraphrase the question. One trick to apply is that you repeat back the question to the panel and most often the panel clarifies the question making it easier for you to respond. Use that delay time tactic to also process the question and formulate an answer. It helps to sometimes use examples from previous experience to demonstrat­e your knowledge and suitabilit­y. Convince the panel through your answers that you are the one. You will not be able to do that without preparatio­ns and research on the company and position you are applying for.

This cannot be overemphas­ized. First impression­s are very important and so is your outer appearance. Remember to be neat and dress modestly avoiding revealing and very tight clothes. Limit jewelry to bare minimum. Arrive at least 15 minutes before interview. Walk head up and greet with a smile and wait to be offered a seat. Once seated, Maximize the Moment!

Take note to research the company and understand its vision, mission and product or service offering

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 ??  ?? Why don’t you try these tips and write back to us. Questions are also welcome. Send email to info. ilocal@ gmail. com
Why don’t you try these tips and write back to us. Questions are also welcome. Send email to info. ilocal@ gmail. com

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