Editor's Note

- Wame Editor

Once again South Africa, we are at the cusp of a new dawn, a new magazine. iLocal strives to showcase what our localities have to offer. Starting in Western Cape, iLocal searches for the hidden treasures in our localities to expose all the good and positives therein.

Our colours in iLocal are black and white and have meaning. Black stands for Prestige, Power, Beginning, Resilience and Strength. And White stands for Religion and Peace. The themes have influenced the topics carried in the magazine whether it be Let’s Talk, Ministry in action, Independen­t Schools, Food, Literature and Arts, iLocal Achievers and Van die Kaap. The story of Fatima Dike, our iLocal Achiever embodies resilience, strength and the humble beginnings that the magazine strives to showcase. Ms Dike’s visionary and pioneering spirit succinctly captures iLocal’s ethos.

Our people have a good story to tell and iLocal strives to tell our stories the best way possible. Our bi- monthly publicatio­ns are sure to keep you in touch with all that our localities have to offer. Subscribe for your bi- monthly publicatio­n so that you do not miss a copy. Take this journey with us and discover our localities with us, iLocal,

Enjoy the ride!

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