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Christ Gen School ( CGS) is a Christian school, centred on individual­ized learning and teaching of the students. It registered under the Western Cape Education Department ( WCED). In conjunctio­n with the department, Christ Gen School teachers are sent to necessary trainings and seminars so that they may be fully equipped with both the CGS curriculum and the government system of teaching. This leads to assessment­s where the Gr. 3,6 and 9 regularly write to assess their comprehens­ion of the work. This is how the interview with the principal of the school, went. Q: When was the school establishe­d and why?

A: Christ Gen School was establishe­d in the year 1999, with the aim of being a beacon of hope in the community of Parow West. Little did we know that our work would reach the surroundin­g communitie­s of Cape Town.

Q: What is the vision of the school?

A: The vision of the school is to “Grow the child in the knowledge and fear of the Lord”. This vision is divided into four sections namely:

1. To know God, 2. Find freedom,

3. Discover your purpose, 4. To make a difference. We believe in starting small but believing big, one child at a time.

Q: How important is it to groom the child at an early age?

A: As I had previously noted, we hope to fully develop the child in Godly ethics, ethos and values. This impartatio­n to the young minds equips them to be able to stand and be responsibl­e when they have graduated from our school. As the Bible says in Proverbs 22 v 6, “Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This solely encourages us to continue with shaping these young minds, not only academical­ly, but spirituall­y, too. We acknowledg­e the fact that our students come from different background­s and upbringing­s, we have a wellstruct­ured curriculum that serves as a basis for our work with the students.

Q: How then do you deal with discipline and maintainin­g order in the school?

A: That’s a very important question, and I think we have taken necessary measures to uphold the value we stand for as the school. Before the student enrols into our school, we hold an interview with the student, parent/ s, principal and respective teacher of the student. In this meeting, we tell the student of what is

expected of them as an ambassador of the school, and ask whether they ( the student/ s) are willing to commit to the constituti­on of the school. This interview is then sealed with a signed commitment from the student. This four- fold commitment is filed with the student’s admission files. Should the student fail to uphold this commitment, they are reminded of their promise and commitment. Failure to mend their ways may lead to suspension and even expulsion if the student does not uphold the constituti­on of the school.

Q: When did you join the school?

A: I joined the school in 2012 as a Grade 12 supervisor.

Q: How would you explain to our reader your curriculum?

A: We use the Accelerate­d Education Enterprise ( AEE) curriculum, it’s a Christian centred mode of learning. In this system, the student sets daily goals and works to finish them. We are an independen­t school; therefore, our students have individual­ized learning, which simply means that students work at their own pace to complete their studies. They are then tested on the work they completed after finishing the book. This also makes it easier to identify students who have difficulti­es in understand­ing and comprehend­ing the work. We work tirelessly to make sure that our students are well versed and equipped for their future. This investment in these students prepares them to be better citizens of our country, with good morals and value systems. Q: What would you love to say to our youth in this Youth Month?

A: It’s hard to separate freedom from human rights. I found that the two interrelat­e somehow. In these days the youth try to ignore the fact that freedom comes with responsibi­lities. If they could only learn and understand that the freedom they now enjoy came at a price. It came from the political struggle stalwarts, yes, but we tend to disregard the sacrifices our parents made for us. They made all efforts so that we may gain education, it is up to us to honour them for their sacrifices and carry on to bring the change to those who need it. My only message would be that the character and choices we make today, have an effect/ impact on our tomorrow, good and bad.

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