Creation of Earth and Man



2 What is the name of the garden where God placed the first man and woman?

6 What did God create first?

10 In how many days did God create the world?

11 What separated man from God''s blessing and presence?

12 What did God use to create a person? 13 To whom was the authority on earth lost? 15 For how many years had God planned for man to live? Down

1 What is the name of the first man created? 3 God made a person in His image and what? 4 What is the name of the first book of the Bible? 5 To whom did God give authority to run the earth?

7 On which day did God rest?

8 On which day was man created?

9 What did sin bring to man?

14 When God saw what He created He saw that it was very..?

16 Who was the first woman?

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