Editor's Note

- Wame Editor

It’s hard to believe that this is our second issue of iLocal magazine and we have you, our readers, to thank. Your confidence in our very first issue encouraged us to go on. This is an exciting journey for us and our team enjoys going into the city and locations to discover what is hidden in these places. And indeed much was found as you will see in the stories we carry. It is soul healing to learn that there lies great talent in our young men and women. Some have broken through barriers of dark background­s and have emerged strong and now stand to be counted. L.A.G. which stands for ‘Look at God’ is a breath of fresh air as a new clothing line conceived by an energetic young man from Strand, Cape Town. It’s the small beginnings that we cherish and the L.A.G. launch is a small step to bigger platforms. We also celebrated a Women’s Event with Z’thande and yes, there are still women of great strength that have shoulders broad enough to carry those that need lifting. Our girls have a chance amongst such greatness as they are encouraged to take pride in themselves. The spirit of Ubuntu still resides in our people and that spirit is the one that makes one to love their neighbour as they love themselves. Meals on Wheels is a wonder of mothers who take care not only of their families but the community. I pray this spirit of sharing and love continues with us all as we take time to be with our families and loved ones in celebratio­n of Christmas. The man who brought us Christmas is our Lord Jesus and He gave us the greatest gift of all, peace, love, joy and eternal life. Whatever you have during this time may you embrace that gift and find the treasures He has in store for you.

Enjoy your holidays!

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