Depression is Real


What are the symptoms of depression?

1. Feeling extremely sad, down and depressed

2. Loss of interest in activities which were previously of interest ( hobbies)

3. Feeling of worthlessn­ess and guilt

4. Insomnia

5. Increased levels of sleeping

6. Increased or decreased appetite

7. Extreme weight gain/ loss

8. Loss of concentrat­ion

9. Social withdrawal and isolation

10. Suicidal thoughts

11. Decreased energy and fatigue

12. Decreased sex drive

13. Unable to do things for yourself. e. g. ( cleaning the house or bathing yourself)

15. Decreased work performanc­e

16. Morning fatigue

17. Constant head and back aches, heaviness of arms and legs

Where to get help?

“You can visit your nearest clinic or see your doctor if you identify five of these previous symptoms listed and have been recurring for most days and more than two weeks.

You can also help a friend or family member who is suffering from depression to get help before it’s too late. Your mere presence and support means a lot to them. Depression can be treated through medication and psychother­apy.”

 ??  ?? Nokuphumla Nofeliti
Nokuphumla Nofeliti

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