In the Beginning

Complete the crossword below. Clue: Reading the Bible, Genesis chapters 4 to 11 will assist in finding the answers.



2. Which language is the twelfth official language in South Africa?

3. in the beginning, people wanted to reach God in heaven. What did they decide to build?

6. Noah sent out an animal to see if the waters of the flood had subsided. What did the animal bring back to prove the water had subsided?

8. How many of every type of animal were taken into the ark built by Noah?

9. What symbol did God promise to give as a sign that He will never again destroy the earth with water?

10. What offering did the Abel bring to God?

12. Which animal did Noah send out of the ark to see if the flood water had subsided? 15. Who did God find to be right and ask to build Him an ark?

16. Who of Adams first two sons died first?


1. How many chapters are there in the book of Genesis?

4. Which language is commonly spoken across the world?

5. With what did God destroy the earth in the beginning?

7. Cain and Abel brought an offering to God. What did Cain bring?

8. How many official languages do we have in South Africa?

11. What was the name of Adam and Eve's first born son.

13. How many languages were spoken in the beginning according to the Bible?

14. The Lord came down to see what the people were building that was going up to heaven. He stopped them and confused them by giving them how many languages?

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