Look At God Official Launch


iLocal magazine attended a launch of unique clothing line called “Look at God” ( LAG), founded and pioneered by Mr. Yandisa Magagana. The event was held at the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum in Strand in the Western Cape. It was an exciting moment for the locals because it was the first of its kind from one of their own.

Yandisa told the iLocal team that the motive behind the Look at God clothing brand is to spread the Word of God throughout the communitie­s. In other words, he is preaching through branded clothes. When asked about the phrase “Look at God” he said that after much prayer and reflection using the Bible this phrase came about. The passage of scripture that really did it for him was the story where Peter was walking on water and started to sink. But when he looked at Jesus and called out to Him, he was rescued ( Matt. 14: 30, ESV). The message that Yandisa is communicat­ing to the community is that: “In order to succeed in life we need to fix our eyes upon God. The challenges we are going to face; we shall overcome when we Look at God.” In the light of the increased incidences of depression induced suicide and increased occurrence­s of stress related sicknesses, “Look at God” has positioned itself to provide encouragem­ent and a remedy to the current prevailing situation.

As a young entreprene­ur, Yandisa Magana is looking to participat­or in the South African economy and provide jobs to the unemployed. According to Yandisa the ‘ Vuk ‘ uzenzele’ phrase has been a major motivation to his entreprene­urial drive. “This phrase inspired me that I must not look to one source of income. I must get up and do something for myself,” said Yandisa. Two obstacles faced Yandisa before he started the initiative. The first one was money and the second himself. He said that it was not easy but through a lot of prayer, selfintros­pection and positive self- talk he managed to go through.

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Yandisa Magagana

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