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Katie Price has lived with an in­cur­able ge­netic dis­ease, Xero­derma Peg­men­to­sum since she was a child. Due to her ex­treme sen­si­tiv­ity to ul­tra­vi­o­let rays, Katie is forced to spend her life in iso­la­tion to avoid sun­light, and in­stead spends her days look­ing out of her tinted bed­room win­dow, long­ing to be a part of the ev­ery­day world. From her win­dow perch, she also tracks the com­ings and go­ings of fel­low teenager Char­lie Reed, un­til their paths even­tu­ally cross in real life and the two fall in love. But as Katie’s ill­ness es­ca­lates, time is run­ning out for the young cou­ple.

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