Stay safe this win­ter - fires safety tips

IT is im­por­tant when try­ing to keep warm in the cold weather to re­mem­ber safety first. The fol­low­ing are safety mea­sures:

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Heater safety

● En­sure that your heater is in good work­ing or­der and that cords and other com­po­nents are not dam­aged.

● En­sure proper ven­ti­la­tion when us­ing gas heaters or other fuel burn­ing ap­pli­ances.

● Never leave a heater unat­tended while on.

● Do not place heaters on car­pets or close to cur­tains, couches and other items that could eas­ily be set alight.

● Do not use makeshift heaters, stoves in­cluded, to keep warm.

Fire­place safety

● Main­tain it - have the chim­ney in­spected and cleaned

● Make the fire small enough to be able to con­trol. Keep flammable items away and ex­tin­guish when go­ing out the room. ● En­sure there is proper ven­ti­la­tion in the room.

● Put an ap­pro­pri­ate screen in front of the fire­place as a safe­guard as well as to pre­vent em­bers from jump­ing out. ● In­stall smoke de­tec­tors and test them reg­u­larly.

Gen­eral fire safety

● Keep matches and lighters out of reach of chil­dren.

● Can­dles are a com­mon cause of res­i­den­tial fires. Lit can­dles should be put in a proper non-flammable holder that can­not eas­ily be bumped or blown over by the wind. It should not be placed near cur­tains or any­thing flammable.

●Do not leave a can­dle burn­ing if you go to bed or leave the prop­erty. Also, never leave chil­dren unat­tended near a lit can­dle or any fire for that mat­ter.

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